Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Pregnancy No. 2: Nesting at day 5 of 39 weeks

Oh I thought I would never be the one that falls into this so called nesting instinct. But yesterday I found myself clearing up mountains of stuff from the top of two big boxes in my bedroom, getting rid of those boxes, vacuuming and assembled the baby cot. That alone took me 4 hours!

Then I washed a dozen of the newly bought Anakku muslin squares, folded them neatly as well as baby clothes. I had to put them all in a big paperbag since I’m out of space for the baby’s stuff. I planned on getting a small shelf or two for the baby’s stuff later today (if I have the energy).

After that, back in my bedroom to rearrange the three giant suitcases (thank God for the wheels!). I had to put a board on top of the suitcases to make them look like a table top so that I can put the table fan and other stuff on it.

Then I suddenly can’t stand the mess in the kitchen. We just bought a big 4-slice toaster which I must make a space in the kitchen. Emmet loves toasted bread and I kept having to get the toaster from on top of the shipping boxes, onto the already crowded kitchen counter, and plug it off and put it pack on the boxes. Otherwise I won’t have any space to do my chopping. So yesterday I rearranged the kitchen counter (that includes a lot of cleaning first from the dust and grease). Now the toaster fits!

I was so exhausted but couldn’t stop doing things. Made dinner of ikan singgang and some stir-fried veges after a shower.

I’m still planning to go for a car wash today but it is just too hot now. And I can’t go at night since I would be too exhausted by then.

I need a nap now…

Monday, 21 December 2009

Pregnancy No. 2: My 8 Favourite Things

Ikea pillow

That’s the cheapest you can get. Even though it’s a bit warmer, the softness and springiness feels really comfy at times like these. I love the feeling of my head being burried in this pillow despite having to wash it often due to my excessive sweating.

I wear them everyday at home since they are the ones that seem to fit me during these times. Plus it’s the easiest one-piece, making it easy for me to visit the loo, which happens very often in a day.

Bra extension
I didn’t realize about the existance of a bra extension until my 2nd pregnancy. I guess my ribcage expands greater compared to my 1st pregnancy with Emmet. I tried lots of maternity bras but none of them fits me. So I found this bra extension at Fabulousmom and bought it and can’t live without it now. Makes me breathe more easily eversince I wear them.

I guess this is my worst cravings so far. And I think I am addicted to it. There’s this one time when I’m out of Ribena for a few days, I felt so uneasy and kept thinking about it all the time! I made plenty in a jug and keep it in the fridge and keeps refilling the jug when it’s about to empty. But I don’t mix it sweet like the ones selling in shops (they are very sweet indeed). I like it more diluted until I taste more of the sourness. Can’t live without this too…

Buah lai
I MUST eat fruits during this 2nd pregnancy. I wasn’t much of a fruit eater but this time I just can’t resist fruit stalls and fruit carts everywhere. And my favourite is the Japanese sweet pear. Been buying them almost every week at the TTDI pasar malam, 10 for RM10 and they are very big. I also love water chessnut and papaya when I visit the small carts.

Black Motherclub maternity pants
Bought this when I outgrew my ordinary pants and Rizal kept pestering me to buy a new pants, and my other maternity pants just seem so uncomfortable. Found this at a maternity shop in Mid Valley Megamall, can’t remember the name though. Damage is RM89! I just bought it within 5 minutes in the store since I have been in and out of many stores and can’t find one that I like. Loving it eversince because it’s stretchable and out of the T-shirt material, soft, adjustable waistline and most important, it’s V-shaped in front. i just don’t like anything sticking on my tummy this time.

Baggy tee
This is the only top that’s soft and does not stick on my tummy. I guess I’m just not much of a fitted top fan. Makes my tummy itchy and warm. So I hijacked a lot of my sister’s baggy tee from the day we landed in Malaysia. Drives attention away from onlookers as well compared to when I wear my nice maternity top.

Bar stool
Been nagging Rizal from my 4th month because it’s really tiring to stand up for even 5 minutes in the kitchen to cook. So bought a high wooden bar stool at Giant nearby with RM50 or so. Made my kitchen time so much easier, and I just have to reach a bit further to my left to wash stuff in the sink, and I don’t even have to get down the stool for that! All I have to do is get everything from the fridge, lay them on the counter, get my stool and start chopping. Everything else is within reach.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Pregnancy No. 2: 36 weeks

I just discovered on my 4th antenatal check-up that I gained 2.2kg in 2 weeks. That’s how fast my tummy grows during these last weeks and am trying hard to watch my weight (yea right!) as I want to control the weight of the baby so it won’t be as big as Emmet 3.82kg birth.

The doctor was quite encouraging saying that the baby is already engaged and I probably won’t even make it to the next appointment which is due in 2 weeks time. That, I leave it to the Almighty God and won’t comment on the time. All I can do now is pray for a smooth delivery.

My hospital bag is packed, documents are signed and ready for admission. Mom is coming in 2 weeks time. Everything is pretty much ready now that I have learnt how to compromise with the mess in this small apartment, at least until the new baby learns how to pick things up and shove them in its mouth. But now, I just couldn’t be bothered. I refuse to let petty things get to me. Otherwise I know I’d go crazy and moody. Everything is everywhere, toys are everywhere except the kitchen and the bathroom. Laundry is on the sofa. Catalogs are on the floor, newspapers in lots of places. You can even find a clothes peg in the fridge and I am calm about it.

I still cook, clean up the kitchen, do the dishes, do laundry, vacuum once in a while, tidy up the room once in a while. Mostly, I spend time managing Emmet and play with him. I’m afraid I won’t have this kind of playtime with him anymore with the new baby coming. I cuddle with him more on the sofa watching cartoons with him when playing is just too exhausting. He plays really hard and ganas, always bumping into my tummy, so I like cuddling more.

Sometimes I feel so light but most of the time I feel like a whale. My bum hurts when getting up from the sofa, my hip hurts when I sleep, my back hurts even more. I must nap after breakfast for 1 hour and Emmet is so understanding about that, he plays by himself and doesn’t bother me. But once I’m awake, he immediately wants company.

Once I had this conversation with Emmet asking him if he wants to drink my milk when the baby is out…

Me: Nanti ada baby Emmet nak susu Mommy? (pointing at my breast)
Emmet: Bukan…..Susu baby…
Me: Emmet nak jugak tak?
Emmet: Tanak…kinyaaaammm…(patting his tummy)

Hahaha…ape lah Emmet!

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Fluoride or non-fluoride toothpaste?

Gosh! A dilemma for me now eversince I got back from Dublin and seeing some TV ads of halal non-fluoride toothpaste and the contradicting ads from Colgate still advocating the importance of fluoride toothpaste and blaming the mother for not giving her son the fluoride toothpaste. The government should do something in regulating these confusing and probable misleading ads campaign.

Even the dentists seem to not have a clue on this issue. At a recent visit to the dentist for Rizal’s treatment, the receptionist handed Emmet a free gift of Pureen non-fluoride toothpaste for children complete with pamphlets explaining about the importance of not having fluoride in your toothpaste. Even I get a sample for pregnant ladies’ toothpaste, also non-fluoride. But when I checked out the clinic’s website, they still believe in fluoride in dental care. How confusing is that?

Apparently it is still a controversy and it is impossible to find facts and figures that can assure you on which to decide. Yet Malaysia is still mass medicating its inhibitants with fluoridated water supply when a lot of European countries have banned fluoride in water supply. Now, knowing Malaysia yang sungguh famous dengan it’s incompettence, how can we be assured that they did not ter-overdose us with fluoride? And then kept quiet about it?

And interestingly, there is no evidence or no difference actually in the reduced cases of cavities among countries that fluoridate their water supply and those that did not eversince it was introduced in the 1940s.

Alas, us mothers are left wondering what’s best for our children. Even if we seek advise from the dentist, how are we sure about the credibility of the dentist? Is he up to date with the current research and issues pertaining dental and oral care globaly?

Luckily, I think I am on the right track. I am not a fan of toothpaste anyway. I don’t squeeze on the toothbrush like they squeeze nicely and generously in the ads or on the box of the toothpaste. I probably use 1/20 of that amount. And for Emmet, I just calit the tip of the tiny brush, again about 1/20 of the pea size recommended by most dentist. Children will surely swallow when they first begin to learn to brush. Even Emmet sometimes ter-swallow.

That’s the dangerous part of the fluoride, apart from the fact that it is used in rat’s poison and other domestic cleaning agents in the market. We don’t have a meter like the weight scale or the digital thermometer to let us know what is the fluoride content in our body.

So I think for children, it is better to use non-fluoride toothpaste since it is safer to swallow. And if you notice, small children’s teeth are not that hard to clean nor are they as dirty as adults’. You just need to brush them properly and they are good to go.

As for Emmet, I ban all kinds of sweets and candy (allergy excuse comes in handy at these times). I also ban all types of junk food like Twisties and the likes. The only junk that he is excused to would be potato chips that contains only potato, vegetable oil and salt in the ingredients list. I hope he will carry this habit throughout his life, which is unlikely I think, once he enters kindergarten or standard 1. He might most probably be tempted seeing all his friends grovelling on all those carbonated drinks, junk food and sweets. Until that happens, I think I’ll stop thinking about it for now…

Monday, 9 November 2009

Emmet: 3 years old

At the beginning of becoming a 3-year-old, Emmet was behaving quite charmingly. I thought all my hard work is paying off by now. Well, it seems likely since almost everything I taught him, I could say I thought I taught him well. Tantrums were no longer an issue. No embarassing episodes in public.

But after a few months,

He says no to almost everything.

Suka cari gaduh.

Screams “No!” or does not like it when others forbid him from doing something or even being scolded.

Make noise/screams when people are talking to each other. Such an attention seeker.

Suke buat aksi mengada-ngada when getting up in the morning or from a nap.

“Nak mikuuuuuuuuuk haaaa!!!” dengan suara tangisan yang amat mengada-ngada.
“Air mummyyyyyy haaaa!!!”
“Ta boleeeeeeeh haaaa!!!” when his blanket is stuck under his feet.
“Aaa jussss!!! Wa-bee-naaa haaaa!!!!”

I usually don’t give in to this kind of behaviour. I said, “Kalau Emmet nak, cakap elok-elok, no crying no screaming macam tu ok.”

And he would go “ Tannnnaaak!!!”

And I would go away and ignore him.

And he would cry even more at my ears, trying to get attention. And I can’t do anything else except wait. Can’t even hear what’s been said in the news on the tele. Maybe I need to stand by with more new magazines.

This would go on like half an hour until he asked me nicely.

Boy am I trying to be patient. I am just wondering how long will this go on until he learns. Or is this even going to work?

Can follow instructions when in good mood. Helps me get the remote control or put his bowl into the kitchen sink after breakfast or switch off the tele when going out or get a dvd rom the tv cabinet or paling syok skali is tidying up his toys!!!! Yippie!!!
“Emmet nak ikut mummy ambik daddy tak? Kalau nak ikut tolong simpan semua mainan Emmet dalam bakul ok, kalau tak mummy tak nak bawak Emmet, Emmet tinggal kat rumah ok.”

Kalau good mood he straight away obey. But if he’s not up to it he would go “Mummy shi-paaaaaaaannnn!!!”

“Emmet punye mainan Emmet kene simpan, Emmet good boy kan?”

“Tanak guk boy!!!”

“Ok mummy tanak bawak Emmet, Emmet tinggal kat rumah sorang-sorang ok?”


“Kalau tanak tinggal Emmet simpan ok?”

“Mummy shi-paaaaaannn!!!”

This same conversation would go on another eight to nine cycle before he gave in and start collecting his toys.

Of course a big hug and kisses and praises awaits him if he completed his chore.

He is starting to take responsibility. Take his own towel from the ampaian. Take off his pants. Still have some difficulties taking off top. He wants to comb his hair and reminds me to clean his ears and have his daily inhaler. He wants to lock the car doors. He wants to buckle his own seat belt. He wants to open and close his own biscuit container. Can play games from my handphone. Can take his toys from under the sofa. Wipe his own tears with a tissue. Throws rubbish into the bin. Brush his bottom and front teeth and spit. Knows how to take pictures from a camera. Can identify characters in a cartoon series. Can sing to tunes but does not like other people sing along. Can nap on his own

And the grand finale of his achievement….. THE FIVE W!!!

It has been about a month now and I think in about another month I will go crazy!

“Siape tu?” pointing at the crocodile being disected on National Geographic.
“Huh? Ape tu kwo-kedai?”
“There, crocodile swimming…” the tele showing the live crocodile swimming in the river.
“Huh? Ape tu wimming?”
“Swimming dalam river…” sambil buat gaya swimming.
“Kwo-kedai bla bla bla ape tu?” the researcher was trying to put a tracking device on the crocodile.
Starting to ignore that question…the crocodile was showing off his teeth.
“Bla bla bla wonderpets bla bla bla”
I burst out laughing! Remember the crocodile in Wonderpets who had a toothache and had to find a lonely bird to clean his teeth? Yup, that’s what he was explaining…

But anyway that’s what he’s doing now. ‘Ape tu? Siape tu?’ to almost everything!

Emmet is scared of…
Thunder and fireworks. He would suddenly stop what he’s doing and run to the nearest person and panjat and hug that person tightly at the neck, complete with gaya terketar-ketar. And sometimes if the sound of the helicopter or aeroplane was so loud, he would get scared too but actually wanted to go and have a look. And I don’t know why but he is suddenly scared of cicak sometimes. He likes seeing bugs but got scared when my sister held a cockroach near him. Sometimes he’s scared of big flies.

I am starting to worry because he is becoming more curious in what other people eats especially the ones that he is allergic to. He wants to taste our food when we eat something.

He does not like western food and it is quite difficult to get him to eat when we went to a western restaurant. Dah la tak banyak choice for kids menu that he is not allergic to. Sometimes I have to get the manager or chef to explain how the they prepare the dish and make requests to modify the dish so that Emmet can eat it safely. And most of the time, I had to tapau Emmet’s leftovers and hope my sister would eat them. But I’m not up to western food these days and am glad of it because we can save some money since western food is so expensive.

I only started trying roti canai on him. He loved it! And no significant allergic reaction occurs. So lepas ni senang la boleh lepak at mamak and let Emmet be occupied with his roti canai.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009


I’ve always thought having a full time job at the ofice would give a mother more freedom to at least think about her own interest apart from raising a family. Being a full-time housewife just don’t have that privilege. I must be alert to Emmet’s demands and behaviour always.

For example just now as I was typing the above paragraph, Emmet suddenly called me “Mommy, come! Come!”. So kene lah angkat punggung pi tengok what was going on. Rupe-rupenye nak tengok kumbang kat balcony. Oh now the bug wanted to sleep and he was telling me this as he dragged a super huge pillow from the living room to the balcony for the tiny bug to sleep on.

So how am I going to indulge myself into my other interest kalau dah macam ni gayanya. (Emmet hovering me with his Transformers helicopter and fighter jet right in front of this laptop screen)

I am now planning to buy new furniture for our bedroom as I think I will be having my confinement here next year. So instead of moving out to a new place with just basic furniture and we might end up sleeping on the floor and rent will cost us at least RM1200 a month and thinking about boxing and unboxing again, so takpe la, I’ll pass.

So yesterday I took the measurement of our bedroom and start building a flat model out of a Koko Crunch box. I’ve looked up some affordable furniture out of the new IKEA catalog, took their measurement and cut out them models and started arranging them on the bedroom layout. Guess what Emmet was doing? I can only keep my eye on the scissors and cutter. The rest of the items in the stationary box were all over the place. Pens were disassembled in seconds and I didn’t even realized when did that happen. Emmet started scribbling on the leftover of the Koko Crunch box with all pens and pencils of all colours. Even on the tiny bed and cupboard that I made. Sempat jugak conteng tu. I lost count on how many “Mommy!” calls. I just remembered responding with “Wah, pandainye!” and “Wah, cantiknye!” to almost everything.

I do not wish to go into details on the cleaning up afterwards.

So you see, not even 30 seconds of thinking or even imagining, the cloud that was starting to form over your head just keeps on bursting into dust at every “Mommy!” calls which happens practically every 30 seconds. If he is not calling you every 30 seconds, then he would certaily be elsewhere making a mess which you yourself has to take care of later on. Either way there is no way for you to (had to stop to fix Bumblebee) how do I say this….close your eyes and enjoy the breath of fresh air you take in.

I was steaming sponge cake yesterday. During the making of, Emmet was still hovering me with his tandukkan boing boing on my butt and my tummy, hugging my legs, asking for juice, asking “Ape tu? Ape tu?” to everything, “Nak ni!” and “Emmet nak!” to pots and pans, bla bla bla. My gula hangus turned out slightly bitter, I forgot to tapis the gula merah, my cake turned out a bit salty than it should be. I need to have another plan to make home business works...

Suddenly I feel like I need to make my new bedroom happen. I imagine a white theme (most affordable with good quality out of the IKEA catalog) that will match the Laura Ashley fabrics and wallpapers that I bought of which I will turn into curtains and cushion covers and cot bumpers, a runner for the chest drawer, waaah….tingginye cita-cita. Another essential item would be an aromatherapy oil burning its lavander scent all over the bedroom. Maybe then I would be able to unbox the CD player and stereo set and retreat into the bedroom for some time of my own when Emmet is napping…

Oklah signing off to take care of other pending chores!

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Pregnancy No. 2 – Progress Update

I am becoming lazier.

The nausea returned.

I need a nap every time after a meal.

I’m up for dishwashing again. But only 3 hours afterwards.

The baby is super active! It is moving hands and legs all over the place, hitting my bladder most of the time, hitting my ribcage, pushing up my diaphragm until sometimes my chest felt tight. The baby gets hickups more often than Emmet. All these are making me more tired, especially during driving. I need to adjust the seatbelt at every red lights.

Notice the no-gender reference, well it turned out, after 2 ultrasound scans (I only went through 2 antenatal visits so far at the clinic practically next door), my GP has yet to discover the gender of the baby. That made me really suspicious of the credibility of this doctor. I really need to register at a hospital as soon as possible and start planning my delivery.

I have outlined 3 checklists for this upcoming new year delivery. Two lists for my hospital bag, my stuff and baby stuff, and another one for the nursery. Quite a relief looking at the list since I already have most of Emmet’s items. I just need to buy confinement stuff, maternity pads and breast pads, nappies and a couple of PJs.

I need a new mattress. Even though I get the feeling it won’t help much but sleeping is so agonizing nowadays. I can feel the steel wire of the bottom of the foam mattress yang sudah berlekuk itu. It hurts my hips to the bone. I can’t lie flat for more than 60 seconds. I can’t sit back at the sofa, it’s really straining my back bone.

I don’t care if I walk like a penguin because I enjoy walking like one. As much as I enjoy walking up the stairs as slow as an old tortoise. In fact I think I enjoy doing everything in slow motion. Coz I just can’t do any faster. The only chore that I do fastest would be bathing and changing Emmet, because I just can’t stand for long, especially when changing Emmet after he poops. I am much better at holding my breath now.

I noticed I am becoming more rabun. Far objects are more blurry now. I can’t read signs until I’m really near. It’s worse during night time.

I really hope my kids read this when they can understand. Mommy went through a lot carrying you each second of the day. Mommy will go through a lot more once you are born. So I really hope you will become a good person and not wasted my hardship ok.

Love you both dearly!

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

17 weeks

Finally I've visited a clinic for my first antenatal check up. It was just a clinic nearby my apartment. I saw a bubbly lady doctor who took one glance at Emmet and asked if he is asthmatic and allergic.

And before I even realized, Emmet is already up on the exam bed beside me, carefully examining the ultrasound scan machine that was run on my tummy. So together we watched the baby on the tele above us. Emmet joined in the comments about the baby once in a while, fairly excited I supposed. The baby was squirming here and there but unfortunately the doctor couldn't make out the gender yet (maybe because it's a girl) .

I felt so relieved seeing there's an actual baby inside me. I sometimes have fears that I am imagining it or something else is growing inside me. The baby is well, two arms and two legs, a head and a body, very prominent backbone.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Pregnancy No. 2 - A blessing in disguise

My mom said bad timing. Even my husband said it’s definitely bad timing. I don’t know what my MIL said coz she said nothing to me. But I have never been so sure in my life like I felt about this pregnancy. It IS the time and I surrender to Allah about how this pregnancy is going to take its course.

Morning sickness

I remember this time is almost the same when I was pregnant with Emmet. Luckily no vomitting, just terrible nausea from 10am onwards. I feel ok when I was awaken by Emmet at around 7.30am or 8am. He would wake me up and asked me to sit at the living room with him. I would make him breakfast and drinks and switch on the tele for him. If I am so hungry, and if I have the energy, I would go down and buy nasi lemak from the shop nearby. By the time I finished my breakfast I would feel like I have taken 2 sleeping pills. The nausea is so overwhelming I can barely stand up for 2 seconds. But now that the nausea is getting less, I still feel extremely sleepy everytime after a meal, that I really need to take a nap.

The Lazy syndrome
Yup, it’s back and I really hate it. I am a Bree van de Kamp type who like her place spottless (well almost) and everything has to be at its place. But now I couldn’t be bothered. I throw everything everywhere (except Emmet’s dirty nappy, but sometimes I do forget). Now my husband is becoming like me, always membebel when I throw things here and there. I leave Emmet’s toys lying around the house. I hate doing dishes because I hate it and I don’t have the energy to stand up for 2 seconds. No sweeping, cleaning, laundry, toilet brushing etc. I can only bring myself to take care of Emmet. I do his bathing, creaming, clothing, nappy change, feeding and sleeping.

The thing is it is not that I am becoming a lazy person. I just don’t have the energy to do all those things. The body of a pregnant woman is working harder than ever especially during the first trimester. Combined with a slightly poor diet, I am really tired I feel like I am about to pengsan everytime after bathing Emmet in the morning.

Oh gosh! I am so lucky I am in Malaysia during the dark trimester. I am craving for cheap food! If the food is more than RM 5.00, terus tak lalu makan. I hate eating at shopping malls and expensive restaurants. I want small hawkers food. I want really really pedas food. But the most things that I crave for is food from home. Any home, be it my aunts’, my own, anybody’s home-cooked food. Even if it’s just ikan kerisi masin with ulam and sambal belacan, that would be heaven for me.

I crave for food that I don’t fancy much before like vegetables. I just feel like eating vegetables all the time. Ulam is the top of the list. And I want to eat fruits and drink fresh fruit juices all the time. I totally lost interest in western food and fast food. But I do want Ramlee burger from any stalls tepi jalan.

During my pregnancy with Emmet, I can’t stand fish. But this time, I can’t eat chicken and I crave fish especially ikan kembong and ikan selar. Fried with some salt and ground turmeric, eaten hot from the pan. Sedapnyeee.

At 14 weeks my tummy is already showing with the help of lots of fat of course. But everyone says I am thinner. My husband is in Dublin for a month, so I am a single mother until then. Luckily my mom is here until next week and she helps a lot. And I have my kuih raya to look forward to for the next month. Hopefully the morning sickness will go away by then.

Friday, 10 July 2009

Sape nak order Kuih Raya?

LittleLand Shop skarang dah ada cawangan. Ewah...ewah... Cawangannye bernama LittleLand Bakery.

LittleLand Bakery ni akan start dengan mengambil order utk Kuih Raya. Baking has been my all-time passion ever since I was a little girl. I grew up never having to buy Kuih Raya because my family enjoy making them. We don't make that much, just about 5 different types. And we don't keep much at home since not that many people visit us at home. We are the ones always out visiting people. So most of the cookies we baked would be distributed to my aunts and uncles, my grandmother and also close friends.

I used to love making this kek gulung with strawberry jam filling which I recently discovered it is called bahulu gulung. It is so easy to make and taste so delicious that ever since I started making them, everyone that got one from us would never fail to request for the next Raya. But now my mom's big gas oven was broken beyond repair so we are left with a small electric oven that is impossible to bake the kek gulung. So that is the only tradition that died for our Kuih Raya baking.

(OMG I just felt the baby kicked!)

Another tradition that I would love to see it revived is cooking rendang and dodol in a big kuali underneath my grandmother's house at Kampung Ijok, gotong-royong bakar lemang kat bawah pokok rambutan, menganyam ketupat ramai-ramai. I so missed those days...

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

I'm Back!

Yes as in back ke tanah air tempat tumpah darah ku.

Dah balik Taiping, dah balik Kota Bharu for a surprised visit because we never told our families we are coming back. So semua pun happy and surprised to see us, especially Emmet.

I'm also about 3 months pregnant. Haven't had time or energy to see a gyn for any check-ups. Feeling sick all the time but no vomitting at all. My head feels so heavy I think I need to lie down all the time. Always don't know what to eat. But right now am so craving for cucur badak and kerabu jantung pisang. As with my last pregnancy, I temporarily lost my talent in cooking.

Also lost interest in cleaning. I am now becoming like my husband, (oops!). I like throwing clothes around the room and the house. I couldn't be bothered with messy kitchen or messy table. I hate pretty clothes, all I really want to wear now are a pair of jogging pants and a baggy old t-shirt.

There are a lot of friends and family that I haven't met. So I hope they would understand that it is almost impossible for me to go and visit each and every one of them at this critical time. I am also looking for a job, preferably the ones that can be done from home. Am looking forward to selling kuih raya soon. Will gather up the energy to make samples before Ramadhan and distribute them during puasa. Really hope I am able to puasa this year.

Waah...really can't look at the laptop for long. It's making me sick!

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

What is a woman?

Here is the quote of the day. I got this from forwarded emails flooding my inbox everyday. I usually read them once and move them into the trash. I very seldom pass them on to others. But this one, I kinda like...

Whatever you gave a woman, she will make greater.
If you give her sperm, she will give you a baby.
If you give her a house, she will give you a home.
If you give her groceries, she will give you a meal.
If you give her a smile, she will give you her heart.
She multiplies and enlarges what is given to her.
So if you give her any crap, be ready to receive a ton of shit.

Friday, 17 April 2009

Now I'm flattered

I have been nominated!

And we always don't care for what actually as long as we are nominated for something. Makes us feel more important in this world. But the word 'Supermummy' in any context now is becoming quite significant in my life. Flattering and energizing. Can't imagine what an Oscar would feel like. Hhmm...
Invite or even paksa your readers to click on the banner! Top 10 highest clicks will be selected to enter the final round. I will monitor the clicks daily based on statistics by the ever supposedly dependable Google Analytics.
The clicks statistics will start counting from tomorrow, 17 April 2009 until Thursday, 30 April 2009. And only clicks/hits during this period will be counted.

So do click on the banner to all readers ok. (Not that I have that many... hahaha)

Thank you for supporting blogger moms!

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Wishlist - Maxi Cosi / Bebe Confort Axiss

Been googling and googling and thinking and thinking about this…

I sooo want to get this one.

Well, I figured I could use it for the next baby too, I always have a problem with other car seats. Whether it’s the cheap one that I have now, or the more branded and expensive ones. Semua pun sama. Emmet would end up bumping his head at the car roof, twisting his body awkwardly. It’s not like kids could climb up themselves even if it is the Maxi-Cosi Tobi. Car seat murah pun lagi bagus at least Emmet boleh climb sendiri when he is in the mood.

Like I said before in my previous entry, it’s on my wishlist. Reviews are near excellent, apart from few saying something about it being loose, I’m not sure what they meant. But here’s why I think I should buy one.

It rotates 90 degrees!

So I can easily buckle up Emmet even if he’s struggling or asleep, with ease. Well, at least easier than other car seats.

It also has 8 reclining positions.

Retail at EUR 245.00 in Ireland. Online deals from UK is from GBP 166.00. Also available on ebay now at GBP 169.00 from UK.

Oh this is on my wishlist too. New item. hehehe....

but quite bad review la...

A friend just bought one a few days ago sponsored by the Irish government since she is a doctor here. I have yet to try it out since we were busy having dinner. But will godek-godek for a few minutes before deciding to buy or not to buy.

HHmmm... mana mau korek duit ni...

Saturday, 4 April 2009


My online shop is up for a little renovation. This is really a budget online shop. Everything is free so far. I don't have my own domain, though my friend took the dotcom for this name and said 'better him than some mat salleh.' This is the new logo;

I also do not have the fancy graphic software, not even a Photoshop. So I did that on Microsoft Paint. Berguna jugak Paint tu. And the font was from FontFreak FOC. Haha!

My shop is not doing very well. I really hope it's because I don't have time to sit in front of the laptop and godek-godek on it all day long like some people tu (my husband). I only managed to have some time now because he is out with his friends. I did the banner and linked some other blogs in my shop.

When I get back to KL, I'm thinking of setting up LittleLand Home, Laura Ashley type. Hehe! Yang ada ni pun tak laku lagi mau pikir another branch. Must berangan first. I'm thinking of making my own cushion covers, toaster covers, segala macam covers, curtains, table runner. I have so many Laura Ashley fabrics I can't wait to get my hands on the sewing machine again after so long merindui mesin jahit mamaku yang antik iteww...

Where is Emmet???

Busy menyusun everything, I mean everything!

Hmm... What should I do next?

Thursday, 26 February 2009

The terrible TWO – temper tantrum


I really need help in this.

What affects Emmet’s tantrums:
1. Not having his way
2. Not having his way
3. Not having his way

He screams.
He throws himself on the floor.
He tries to hit me if I come near.
But he’ll get up and call “Mammo!!!”
But when I try to pick him up he’ll throw himself back on the floor.


“Emmet, you misbehaved and I am going to have to put you at the naughty corner for you to calm down for two minutes okay…”

Translation… “Emmet! Naughty corner! Senyap dulu baru Mommy datang!”

And after he stopped screaming I count until two minutes before I go and give him a lecture of what he did wrong and how he should behave in that kind of situation. But I’m not sure he understands me because he was looking at the tele and when I asked him to look at me and point my two fingers to me eyes, he would just immitate me and point his two fingers to his eyes and that was pretty funny.

But I lecture him anyway. Then hugs and kisses and he’ll just forget about my lecture.

This didn’t work every time. Yes he is afraid of the naughty corner. Most of the time I threatened him with the naughty corner he will quickly cooperate.

His main problem is when he wants something that Mika is holding or playing with. He is just so dengki like that with Mika. Can’t see Mika having a good time. But I know I’m on the right track because Emmet is indeed learning.

1. At first he just rampas toys from Mika, thinking all toys are his.

2. Then after the introduction of naughty corner, he will still rampas but after threatened he will give it back to Mika.

3. Then he learned that he can actually give other toys in exchange for the toys that Mika is playing. But he will still just rampas. (I am teaching him that it is not nice to rampas but he is still not getting it. Sabar…he will eventually learn)

4. Now he will find other toys to give to Mika first before asking/taking toys from Mika’s hands. Sometimes if Mika wants the toy that Emmet is offering, he will give the toy he is holding to Emmet. Not bad kan…

However, there are times when he is just on top of his lungs and there’s a pergnant lady in the house that I assume is surely pening one with the screaming and he is just getting too heavy for me to pick up with all his flying arms and legs.

Maybe next time I should try putting him in the bedroom.


I find out some tips that I think I might try out. There are a lot of articles that are quite confusing. When to use time outs and when not to use it. Spank or no spank. Use that tone or use no tone. I just find methods that I’d like to believe in.

Respect your child’s independence in choosing what they want to play with and what they want to eat as long as it isn’t endagering himself and others. Support your child in his favourite things to do, favourite toys, favourite game, favourite snacks, favourite place. Don’t take these things away from them. How would you feel if your favourite things are taken away from you, right?

It takes time for a toddler to learn about empathy. So don’t frustrate yourself or scold him when your child is poking other kids. Kindly guide your child away from the situation and always explain that it is unacceptable to behave that way. Distract him immediately with other activities.

The following are from here.

Tantrums are normal for two year olds. It is normal for tantrums to bug parents too, but you can minimize that. Here are some things that might help.

First, respect the situation. That means that it helps if you understand that tantrums are normal. Two year olds are not very good at organizing their feelings and expressing themselves well. They get overwhelmed. Tantrums are most likely when children are out of their usual routine (skipped nap, visitors, etc) hungry or tired.

Tantrums are usually self long as adults don't interfere. Tantrums are prolonged when, in the perception of the child, they are effective in getting either special service, attention or power. It helps if parents realize that tantrums are just one way of expressing feelings, and to allow their children to have their feelings without feeling the need to punish or rescue.

A respectful way of treating a child with a tantrum is to gently let them know that you love them, and when they are done with the noise you'll be glad to give them a hug and some love....and then move a few paces away. (A hug at the end of a tantrum is not a reward, it is a way to re- establish a connection and belonging that they couldn't find in the first place) Do this wherever you are. (Yes, kids can pick some pretty embarrassing places to have tantrums. I remember a couple in the milk section of the grocery store, and another in front of Nordstroms at the mall during Christmas shopping. Other parents have been there too...they know you are not a meanie parent...and they have empathy. Besides, most of them have never seen you before and never will again.)

Second: Respect yourself. In the environment of a tantrum this is pretty challenging. Do what you need to do to remain calm, undisturbed and really understand that the tantrum is not about you. It is your daughter's stuff (though she will do everything she can to make you feel bad about it). When she starts to calm down it works well to ask if she is ready for the hug yet or if she wants to cry a little more first. Stay firm and stay kind at the same time. The message of love will come through loud and strong.


Respect the situation (look for understanding and respect those involved):

All kids make noise. Some more than others. Kids are very creative with their behaviors and can find behaviors that push your buttons....and then keep using them. It isn't that they want to bother or hurt you, it is that they have a continual need to belong and when they can keep you busy with them they feel that connection.

Respect yourself. If you don't like the loud noise (screaming), kindly and firmly let Jordyn know that and then have the tongue in your shoe match the tongue in your mouth. "I am going to go to another room until the volume in here is back to an inside noise level" (and then leave the room). Occasionally when my kids were younger I would need to take a time out in the bathroom just to restore myself. I kept comic books in the bathroom and locked the door.

Sometimes the child would sit outside and cry for awhile (which made it take longer for me to feel better). When I felt better (in 5 minutes or so) I would open the door and invite them in for a hug saying "Whew! I feel better now that I took a little time out, would you like a hug?" I have quite a few memories of sitting on the bathroom floor with a soggy, warm child in my lap as we got back on track together. Walking away from screaming is hard and is not an instant cure. It does work over time.

And what to do if your child hits other children? I like this approach.

Stay with your child in such situations, and get between them and any other children if there's any sign of them hitting. Model the kind of behaviour with other children that you want your child to pick up on.

Be really verbal "little girl down the slide and then it'll be your turn. There she goes 1, 2, 3 weee and now it's your go!". "That boy is playing with that ball. Shall we find a ball for you?"

Make sure you always have a soft toy or a book or something in your bag - acts as collatoral in potential toy conflicts. I know some groups of mamas whose children regularly go home with each other's soft toys, because that was the thing each child was happy holding as they parted. Charity shop toys are good for this sort of thing - I'd always be prepared to just give a 60p toy away to some other person's child rather than having a fight start.

Just in case you weren't anyway... you need to be right there with your child, helping them to learn about interacting with the world in a way that will make people love them. It's not a question of telling off, it's just that they've learned to walk and they've learned to talk a bit, and now they are in the process of learning to interact with strange children - they need your loving guidance in getting that right.

Every action must be done with LOVE.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Why a housewife is a full-time job

7.00 am
Emmet will automatically wake up asking for Mika and roti. I will act like I’m still asleep, ignoring his calls.

7.15 am
Give in to his cries and go prepare his oat porridge. While cooking in the micro, switch on tele. When it’s cooked, let it to cool. I go and prepare my breakfast and by the time I finnished, we eat together.

7.45 am
Let Emmet play while I clean the dishes and the kitchen. Vacuum if required.

8.00 am
Since I take care of Mika as well this is breakfast time for Mika. So will prepare his breakfast now.

8.30 am
Free time to play with them or do the laundry or lipat kain or take the chicken/beef/fish out from the freezer to defrost for cooking lunch.

10.00 am
Bathe Mika and put him to nap. Clean up.

10.45 am
Bathe Emmet. Clean up room.

11.30 am
Free to play with Emmet.

12.00 pm
Prepare lunch. Mika will wake up from his nap around this time.

12.30 pm
Lunch with Emmet and Mika

2.30 pm
Milk time for Mika

4.00 pm
Change Mika and put him to nap

5.15 pm
Snack time for Mika and Emmet.

5.45 pm
Change Emmet.

6.00 pm
Prepare dinner

7.30 pm
Dinner with Emmet and Mika. By then Mika’s parents will get home from work.

8.00 pm
Clean up dishes and kitchen.

9.30 pm
Change Emmet and get ready for bed.

10.30 pm
Free at last. But only to be cleaning up after the mess from the kids.

Tu pun I didn’t mention shower, prayer time, those are equally challenging for me as well.

I find it really hard to do anything else lets say if I want to indulge into some hobby or interest. These things should be done without interuption at least for 2 hours straight otherwise the feeling or the passion will get lost in the chaos.

I have to be ready to referee these two kids when they are playing together. Sure gaduh one then I have to go and rescue. Not to mention the accidents that’ll happen when they run around the house. So the only thing that I can do is watch the cartoons with them and internet surfing.

I always take sometimes a day to read a news article on the Utusan Malaysia Online. I read a few sentences and suddenlly “Huwwaaaa!” goes Mika or “Mammo!” goes Emmet.

I try my best at giving them attention yet most of the time letting them be independent. So I have to always be in the lookout even though I let them play and explore their creativity and imagination alone. One of my eyes must always be watching them for moments that I could butt in and give them a praise for what they did good and warn them for what they did wrong. Respond to them for every conversations they try to make even though I don’t understand them. And think of a game to play when they are bored or on the verge of crying.

Sometimes they are testing me with their annoying cries and tantrums. They can be really loud. Truly challenging but I am trying my best at keeping myself composed and select carefully behavior that needed to be ignored, punnished and hugged.

By the end of the day I’m just drained…

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Bedtime stories

You know…I find it is always different when you want to do something from what you read. There is never a clear cut instruction when it comes to raising a child. Like I have been reading up some suggestions and advice on how to put your child to bed happy. For once I would love to read a book where it guarantees that the instructions in it will succeed. At the end of the day, you are better off relying on your own instinct and creativity.

I just want to cerita about Emmet’s bedtime story laaa… So panjang pulak my introduction. Hehe…

I just started to read bedtime stories to Emmet since a couple of weeks ago. Well, one story book baru. And I must also bring some toys into his cot for later use. So after changing his nappy and put on his jammies (he is now into power control and decision making so he tiba-tiba love his PJ…another entry for this) then I put him into his cot and invited him to read a story about Bob the Builder with me. “Jom-jom kita baca buku Bob the Builder!” Have to act excited coz once I put him into his cot he will get anxious coz he is afraid to sleep alone.

Everything must be done smoothly without delay. Change nappy-PJ-into cot-open book-get him to sit down in cot-start reading. I read away, with facial expression and all. Of course he will not concentrate on the story but at least he is sometimes interested in my moving fingers along the sentences and tried to immitate me. He will also be interested in some of the characters in the pictures…sometimes. Then back to his scrathing la, yawning, soft toys, aeroplane, poking my eyes, etc…

After the end of the story I would go “ Ok finnished! Nite-nite puppy, nite-nite book!” It really helps if I tuck in all his toys yang ada dalam cot tu masuk dalam selimut, coz he will land his head on the pillow together with his toys. I guess he doesn’t like sleeping alone. Then I would pat him to sleep, usually would take around 10 minutes or less. I would eliminate patting eventually when he is more adapt to this routine.

But he is still waking up in the middle of the night crying out for me. Last night I tak layan but Rizal got up and assured him back to sleep. He cried but we never pick him up this time so eventually he went back to sleep. I still have to determine the factors. Could he be scared because it’s dark, he is still isn’t used to the cot being place away from us, he is cold. Nothing in the book to tell me what to do…Very the pemalas me.

Monday, 16 February 2009

5 things you don't know about me

1. I am very garang at times.

2. I hate driving.

3. I can’t imagine life without a handphone, even though I don’t use it that much.

4. I don’t have many close friends.

5. I love eating horlicks!

5.1 I find it not that hard to be tagged. Just don’t write that many lines la. Hehe…

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

It's snowing!

It snowed again last Sunday morning and this time there was a more generous amount of snow falling in Balbriggan. Emmet was recovering from his asthma but was so eager to go out in the snow he practically pull up his pants on his own and find his snowcap excitedly. He even let me put on gloves for him. He loves making snowballs and threw them away. He was so busy scooping almost all the snow at the backyard.

However, he gave me a very hard time when it is time to go back home after 15 minutes of snow time. Look how excited he was running in the snow in this video.

After we got back home the snow started to melt already. It didn't snow eversince. I'm glad we went out that day . God knows when's the next time Emmet will play in snow again.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Another cold

Emmet is down with a cold again. I keep reminding myself it is just a cold….it is just a cold…

But no…I still can’t sleep at night. I might keep a straight face for the people but being a mother, it is still just so heartbreaking seeing your child sick in his bed, trying to breathe through his congested tiny nose.

And thinking when should I change his nappy because he fell asleep before I could change him. And when he wakes up, should I give him a cough medicine and paracetamol? And I need to give him his inhaler puffs as well. I can just imagine what the battle would be like.

And more heartbreaking when he coughs up in the middle of his sleep and call out “Mammo!” dengan suara serak-serak basah dia tu.

Even now, I am sitting beside his bed upstairs, brought my laptop with me so that when he cries in his sleep I am here to pat him back to sleep.

While I was patting him earlier, I looked out the window and saw flashing lights from an aeroplane and thinking Emmet would’ve loved to see the aeroplane. He would scream excitedly with his loud voice “Tiyyyaaaa!!” his nickname for aeroplane.

It’s been quite a while since he last saw an aeroplane in the sky because it’s been snowing and raining for the last few days. Usually when the sky is clear we could easily see the aeroplanes at he front and back of the house that would definitely cheer him up.

I really hope you would get well real soon, Emmet. Coz I can’t wait to tell you about the aeroplane that I saw when you were asleep…

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Sleep training and discontinuing breastfeeding

So much has been happening I haven’t got time to catch a breath. Apart from my husband getting retrenched just before new year and having to move into our friend’s house which is so far away from the city center, Emmet is starting to become more independent now more than ever.

Thought our training on his sleeping habit got a bit jumbled up in the event of us moving and what not, we started placing his cot a feet away from our bed this time. He was okay during the tucking in. But lately, eversince he can call out his ‘Mammo’ he would call me out with his hands spread open asking me to hug him and wanted to sleep with me. But other times he was okay in his cot but I had to tuck in his aeroplane, his fish, his turtle and whatever lah beside him as well. Then I would lie down on my own bed and say ‘Nite nite’ to him and pretend to sleep. Sometimes I fell asleep betul-betul. But other times he would fell asleep within minutes. I am trying to get him to sleep earlier now like 9.30pm.

The other big step for Emmet is discontinuing breastfeeding. I am a bit sad about this since I am not yet confident that I can supplement him with enough nutrition to substitute the breastmilk that he’s been getting all this while. I am sadder knowing how much I am going to miss breastfeeding him and cuddling with him. I am saddest when I found out that I am gaining weight faster than ever in the first week after stopping breastfeeding.


But I know it’s about time I stopped breastfeeding him anyway. He is now 2 years and 7 months and it has been 2 weeks since his last breasfeed session. What I did to stop the cycle? Gosh! Really tiring…

I can’t sit down on the sofa otherwise he would come and sit on my lap and engage into a breastfeeding position. Then I would have to divert his attention to the tele or the imaginary aeroplane flying outside the window or bribe him with more biscuits. So I have to stand up or sit at the dining area in the kitchen. He sometime scream in the first week of no breastfeed but after a while he can be easily distracted by other interesting stuff.

The funny thing is, in week two of no breastfeed, I heard him ‘Blablabla shshu blablabla’. OMG! Now that I’ve stopped breastfeeding baru mau reti sebut susu! So I told him ‘Susu dah habis!’ He took it pretty well but quickly accompanied by other distraction a.k.a biskut oat.

I really missed cuddling with him. I really missed feeding him with my breasts. I really missed the let-down feeling. My boy is growing up so soon. He fights with Mika but when Mika fell down and cry, Emmet would go and help mika up and say ‘Aaaa kayyy!’ meaning “Are you okay?”

Wednesday, 28 January 2009