Tuesday, 10 February 2009

It's snowing!

It snowed again last Sunday morning and this time there was a more generous amount of snow falling in Balbriggan. Emmet was recovering from his asthma but was so eager to go out in the snow he practically pull up his pants on his own and find his snowcap excitedly. He even let me put on gloves for him. He loves making snowballs and threw them away. He was so busy scooping almost all the snow at the backyard.

However, he gave me a very hard time when it is time to go back home after 15 minutes of snow time. Look how excited he was running in the snow in this video.

After we got back home the snow started to melt already. It didn't snow eversince. I'm glad we went out that day . God knows when's the next time Emmet will play in snow again.


farrahar said...

hahaha so cute!!! seronok betul emmet lari2. adam pun suka tengok. tu belum lagi kalau thick snow kan.

landkeeper said...

oh berbagai2 trick aku cuba nak suruh dia balik rumah...penat wooo

YaNie said...

alaa bestnyee.. emmet dah besar sgt!! nanti zafran besar sure camtuh sbb skarang pon tak larat dah nak kejar.. ishh how i wish i can have that moment with my zafran too.. tade snow kat sini :(

landkeeper said...

main hujan la...can jumping up and down in muddy puddle like peppa pig. best wooo. but must wear your boots and raintcoat. ahahah!