Wednesday, 28 October 2009


I’ve always thought having a full time job at the ofice would give a mother more freedom to at least think about her own interest apart from raising a family. Being a full-time housewife just don’t have that privilege. I must be alert to Emmet’s demands and behaviour always.

For example just now as I was typing the above paragraph, Emmet suddenly called me “Mommy, come! Come!”. So kene lah angkat punggung pi tengok what was going on. Rupe-rupenye nak tengok kumbang kat balcony. Oh now the bug wanted to sleep and he was telling me this as he dragged a super huge pillow from the living room to the balcony for the tiny bug to sleep on.

So how am I going to indulge myself into my other interest kalau dah macam ni gayanya. (Emmet hovering me with his Transformers helicopter and fighter jet right in front of this laptop screen)

I am now planning to buy new furniture for our bedroom as I think I will be having my confinement here next year. So instead of moving out to a new place with just basic furniture and we might end up sleeping on the floor and rent will cost us at least RM1200 a month and thinking about boxing and unboxing again, so takpe la, I’ll pass.

So yesterday I took the measurement of our bedroom and start building a flat model out of a Koko Crunch box. I’ve looked up some affordable furniture out of the new IKEA catalog, took their measurement and cut out them models and started arranging them on the bedroom layout. Guess what Emmet was doing? I can only keep my eye on the scissors and cutter. The rest of the items in the stationary box were all over the place. Pens were disassembled in seconds and I didn’t even realized when did that happen. Emmet started scribbling on the leftover of the Koko Crunch box with all pens and pencils of all colours. Even on the tiny bed and cupboard that I made. Sempat jugak conteng tu. I lost count on how many “Mommy!” calls. I just remembered responding with “Wah, pandainye!” and “Wah, cantiknye!” to almost everything.

I do not wish to go into details on the cleaning up afterwards.

So you see, not even 30 seconds of thinking or even imagining, the cloud that was starting to form over your head just keeps on bursting into dust at every “Mommy!” calls which happens practically every 30 seconds. If he is not calling you every 30 seconds, then he would certaily be elsewhere making a mess which you yourself has to take care of later on. Either way there is no way for you to (had to stop to fix Bumblebee) how do I say this….close your eyes and enjoy the breath of fresh air you take in.

I was steaming sponge cake yesterday. During the making of, Emmet was still hovering me with his tandukkan boing boing on my butt and my tummy, hugging my legs, asking for juice, asking “Ape tu? Ape tu?” to everything, “Nak ni!” and “Emmet nak!” to pots and pans, bla bla bla. My gula hangus turned out slightly bitter, I forgot to tapis the gula merah, my cake turned out a bit salty than it should be. I need to have another plan to make home business works...

Suddenly I feel like I need to make my new bedroom happen. I imagine a white theme (most affordable with good quality out of the IKEA catalog) that will match the Laura Ashley fabrics and wallpapers that I bought of which I will turn into curtains and cushion covers and cot bumpers, a runner for the chest drawer, waaah….tingginye cita-cita. Another essential item would be an aromatherapy oil burning its lavander scent all over the bedroom. Maybe then I would be able to unbox the CD player and stereo set and retreat into the bedroom for some time of my own when Emmet is napping…

Oklah signing off to take care of other pending chores!


farrahar said...

sebab itulah, if i take the day off, mc ka, half day ka, i'd still send adam to his daycare LOL!!

maybe u can send emmet to a half-day playschool programme ke.

FdausAmad said...


gua nak ajak lu dtg lepak blog gua.rilek rilek.


lott said...

far, aku bet within 1 hour aku tinggal dia kat sana tangan n muke emmet akan merah2 or dapat hives. scary!