Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Sleep training and discontinuing breastfeeding

So much has been happening I haven’t got time to catch a breath. Apart from my husband getting retrenched just before new year and having to move into our friend’s house which is so far away from the city center, Emmet is starting to become more independent now more than ever.

Thought our training on his sleeping habit got a bit jumbled up in the event of us moving and what not, we started placing his cot a feet away from our bed this time. He was okay during the tucking in. But lately, eversince he can call out his ‘Mammo’ he would call me out with his hands spread open asking me to hug him and wanted to sleep with me. But other times he was okay in his cot but I had to tuck in his aeroplane, his fish, his turtle and whatever lah beside him as well. Then I would lie down on my own bed and say ‘Nite nite’ to him and pretend to sleep. Sometimes I fell asleep betul-betul. But other times he would fell asleep within minutes. I am trying to get him to sleep earlier now like 9.30pm.

The other big step for Emmet is discontinuing breastfeeding. I am a bit sad about this since I am not yet confident that I can supplement him with enough nutrition to substitute the breastmilk that he’s been getting all this while. I am sadder knowing how much I am going to miss breastfeeding him and cuddling with him. I am saddest when I found out that I am gaining weight faster than ever in the first week after stopping breastfeeding.


But I know it’s about time I stopped breastfeeding him anyway. He is now 2 years and 7 months and it has been 2 weeks since his last breasfeed session. What I did to stop the cycle? Gosh! Really tiring…

I can’t sit down on the sofa otherwise he would come and sit on my lap and engage into a breastfeeding position. Then I would have to divert his attention to the tele or the imaginary aeroplane flying outside the window or bribe him with more biscuits. So I have to stand up or sit at the dining area in the kitchen. He sometime scream in the first week of no breastfeed but after a while he can be easily distracted by other interesting stuff.

The funny thing is, in week two of no breastfeed, I heard him ‘Blablabla shshu blablabla’. OMG! Now that I’ve stopped breastfeeding baru mau reti sebut susu! So I told him ‘Susu dah habis!’ He took it pretty well but quickly accompanied by other distraction a.k.a biskut oat.

I really missed cuddling with him. I really missed feeding him with my breasts. I really missed the let-down feeling. My boy is growing up so soon. He fights with Mika but when Mika fell down and cry, Emmet would go and help mika up and say ‘Aaaa kayyy!’ meaning “Are you okay?”


farrahar said...

So are u guys coming back to Malaysia? U guys will be fine, insya Allah..

So maybe it's time for a new baby! Yayyy! ;)

landkeeper said...

still not very sure when. but we still have to feel all the fear just to keep ourselves in check with reality.

new baby? hehe... our housemate just found out she's pregnant. imagine 2 preggers in da house. NIGHTMARE!!!