Saturday, 4 April 2009


My online shop is up for a little renovation. This is really a budget online shop. Everything is free so far. I don't have my own domain, though my friend took the dotcom for this name and said 'better him than some mat salleh.' This is the new logo;

I also do not have the fancy graphic software, not even a Photoshop. So I did that on Microsoft Paint. Berguna jugak Paint tu. And the font was from FontFreak FOC. Haha!

My shop is not doing very well. I really hope it's because I don't have time to sit in front of the laptop and godek-godek on it all day long like some people tu (my husband). I only managed to have some time now because he is out with his friends. I did the banner and linked some other blogs in my shop.

When I get back to KL, I'm thinking of setting up LittleLand Home, Laura Ashley type. Hehe! Yang ada ni pun tak laku lagi mau pikir another branch. Must berangan first. I'm thinking of making my own cushion covers, toaster covers, segala macam covers, curtains, table runner. I have so many Laura Ashley fabrics I can't wait to get my hands on the sewing machine again after so long merindui mesin jahit mamaku yang antik iteww...

Where is Emmet???

Busy menyusun everything, I mean everything!

Hmm... What should I do next?

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