Sunday, 26 July 2009

Pregnancy No. 2 - A blessing in disguise

My mom said bad timing. Even my husband said it’s definitely bad timing. I don’t know what my MIL said coz she said nothing to me. But I have never been so sure in my life like I felt about this pregnancy. It IS the time and I surrender to Allah about how this pregnancy is going to take its course.

Morning sickness

I remember this time is almost the same when I was pregnant with Emmet. Luckily no vomitting, just terrible nausea from 10am onwards. I feel ok when I was awaken by Emmet at around 7.30am or 8am. He would wake me up and asked me to sit at the living room with him. I would make him breakfast and drinks and switch on the tele for him. If I am so hungry, and if I have the energy, I would go down and buy nasi lemak from the shop nearby. By the time I finished my breakfast I would feel like I have taken 2 sleeping pills. The nausea is so overwhelming I can barely stand up for 2 seconds. But now that the nausea is getting less, I still feel extremely sleepy everytime after a meal, that I really need to take a nap.

The Lazy syndrome
Yup, it’s back and I really hate it. I am a Bree van de Kamp type who like her place spottless (well almost) and everything has to be at its place. But now I couldn’t be bothered. I throw everything everywhere (except Emmet’s dirty nappy, but sometimes I do forget). Now my husband is becoming like me, always membebel when I throw things here and there. I leave Emmet’s toys lying around the house. I hate doing dishes because I hate it and I don’t have the energy to stand up for 2 seconds. No sweeping, cleaning, laundry, toilet brushing etc. I can only bring myself to take care of Emmet. I do his bathing, creaming, clothing, nappy change, feeding and sleeping.

The thing is it is not that I am becoming a lazy person. I just don’t have the energy to do all those things. The body of a pregnant woman is working harder than ever especially during the first trimester. Combined with a slightly poor diet, I am really tired I feel like I am about to pengsan everytime after bathing Emmet in the morning.

Oh gosh! I am so lucky I am in Malaysia during the dark trimester. I am craving for cheap food! If the food is more than RM 5.00, terus tak lalu makan. I hate eating at shopping malls and expensive restaurants. I want small hawkers food. I want really really pedas food. But the most things that I crave for is food from home. Any home, be it my aunts’, my own, anybody’s home-cooked food. Even if it’s just ikan kerisi masin with ulam and sambal belacan, that would be heaven for me.

I crave for food that I don’t fancy much before like vegetables. I just feel like eating vegetables all the time. Ulam is the top of the list. And I want to eat fruits and drink fresh fruit juices all the time. I totally lost interest in western food and fast food. But I do want Ramlee burger from any stalls tepi jalan.

During my pregnancy with Emmet, I can’t stand fish. But this time, I can’t eat chicken and I crave fish especially ikan kembong and ikan selar. Fried with some salt and ground turmeric, eaten hot from the pan. Sedapnyeee.

At 14 weeks my tummy is already showing with the help of lots of fat of course. But everyone says I am thinner. My husband is in Dublin for a month, so I am a single mother until then. Luckily my mom is here until next week and she helps a lot. And I have my kuih raya to look forward to for the next month. Hopefully the morning sickness will go away by then.


farrahar said...

I believe, there is a miracle that comes with each baby. With this pregnancy, there must be something exciting awaiting you and your family. Only time will tell :).

landkeeper said...

tu la, aku pun percaya yg tu. insya Allah things will get better soon.