Friday, 22 June 2007

Remote control

When I first heard about smart homes, I was skeptical. Who would ever be so lazy as to get their butt off the couch and switch on the TV or the lights?? Switching off the stove by a remote control??? Open the bedroom door by clicking on the remote control??? People are just becoming smarter and lazier.

That was 10 years ago…

Now…I wished I was living in a smart home…. Where everything is wired up and I just have to carry a remote control. Or better, a voice command controlled house! That would be even super!

How I wished I had a remote control to turn on and off the stove while I was breastfeeding Emmet, so I could finish up my cooking and don’t burn the kuali.

How I wished I had a remote control to dim the lights in the bedroom, close the curtain and open the bedroom door while I carry the sleepy Emmet into the bedroom without a noise that would wake him up (like the squeaking sound of the door when opened!).

How I wished I had a remote control to switch on the washing machine because I forgot to switch it on and now I’m breastfeeding the unsettled Emmet and it would be another 15 minutes wasted before I could turn on the washing machine…that is if I remember to switch it on.

How I wished I had a remote control to switch on the TV and now I’m breastfeeding the unsettled Emmet and somebody else placed the TV remote control on top of the TV!!! And I am already in the couch with Emmet latching on me.

How I wished I had a remote control to browse the internet from the TV while I’m breastfeeding Emmet.

I am very forgetful…and so are hundreds more like me. Especially breastfeeding mothers. It would be a bless to live in a smart home so you can like… “Eeii…lupe la. Takpe….

Thursday, 21 June 2007

First year

Emmet is less than a month away from graduating to his 1st year in life lesson. And I am already planning his birthday party. Nothing fancy since he couldn’t care less. It would be more like me celebrating my success for taking care of Emmet for one whole year! From a girl who repels with babies and kids…to a mom who peeks through the door key hole just to look if her baby is still alive and breathing…

Sure I’m still clumsy sometimes sampai Emmet kadang-kadang terjatuh dari katil or sofa, terhantuk kat meja or pintu but he is so strong he seldom cries out of pain. He just cries when he’s wet or dirty, bored, hungry, need attention or kene marah.

He’s now able to respond to his own name, claps and dance(shake his butt) when listening to music that he likes, claps when told to, recognizes his toy castle, patung Scooby-doo, lampu. Imitate faces, kenyit mata, geleng kepala etc…

So I guess either I’m doing an OK job or it’s just that he’s being a good boy. Whatever it is, I’m just glad my life has improved in order as he’s better at his nap I don’t have to swaddle him anymore. Nap is very important since that is the only time I have for myself. Now I’m halfway to making a list of things to achieve before the end of the year. I love making to-do lists and not doing what’s in the list. Ain’t everybody??? Hahahah….

I’m hungry…later!