Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Balik Kampung Kota Bharu

In an attempt to take more pictures during pregnancy. Selalu tak de banyak gambar masa pregnant. This was in Kota Bharu with the kids, on the way to their Grandma's. Constantly fighting and screaming in the car. Emmet suka usik Sofia and Sofia memang suka menjerit. Sometimes I let them but sometimes I scold them. Mood orang mengandung memang macam ni kan. Nak pegi jumpa Daddy with his finally-out-of-workshop-after-two-years The Black Jane.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Pregnancy 4: Approaching 39 weeks

Here's us on our way from KL to KB after a long school holiday in June. Almost due by now. My tummy is growing fast. Super tired but managed to catch some brisk-walking session cum shopping at the malls. My feet hurts so bad but I needed the exercise since I did not get that much in KT. The kids got to watch How to train your dragon 2 with their Aunty. I got my follow-up laser treatment.