Friday, 10 July 2009

Sape nak order Kuih Raya?

LittleLand Shop skarang dah ada cawangan. Ewah...ewah... Cawangannye bernama LittleLand Bakery.

LittleLand Bakery ni akan start dengan mengambil order utk Kuih Raya. Baking has been my all-time passion ever since I was a little girl. I grew up never having to buy Kuih Raya because my family enjoy making them. We don't make that much, just about 5 different types. And we don't keep much at home since not that many people visit us at home. We are the ones always out visiting people. So most of the cookies we baked would be distributed to my aunts and uncles, my grandmother and also close friends.

I used to love making this kek gulung with strawberry jam filling which I recently discovered it is called bahulu gulung. It is so easy to make and taste so delicious that ever since I started making them, everyone that got one from us would never fail to request for the next Raya. But now my mom's big gas oven was broken beyond repair so we are left with a small electric oven that is impossible to bake the kek gulung. So that is the only tradition that died for our Kuih Raya baking.

(OMG I just felt the baby kicked!)

Another tradition that I would love to see it revived is cooking rendang and dodol in a big kuali underneath my grandmother's house at Kampung Ijok, gotong-royong bakar lemang kat bawah pokok rambutan, menganyam ketupat ramai-ramai. I so missed those days...

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