Thursday, 19 February 2009

Bedtime stories

You know…I find it is always different when you want to do something from what you read. There is never a clear cut instruction when it comes to raising a child. Like I have been reading up some suggestions and advice on how to put your child to bed happy. For once I would love to read a book where it guarantees that the instructions in it will succeed. At the end of the day, you are better off relying on your own instinct and creativity.

I just want to cerita about Emmet’s bedtime story laaa… So panjang pulak my introduction. Hehe…

I just started to read bedtime stories to Emmet since a couple of weeks ago. Well, one story book baru. And I must also bring some toys into his cot for later use. So after changing his nappy and put on his jammies (he is now into power control and decision making so he tiba-tiba love his PJ…another entry for this) then I put him into his cot and invited him to read a story about Bob the Builder with me. “Jom-jom kita baca buku Bob the Builder!” Have to act excited coz once I put him into his cot he will get anxious coz he is afraid to sleep alone.

Everything must be done smoothly without delay. Change nappy-PJ-into cot-open book-get him to sit down in cot-start reading. I read away, with facial expression and all. Of course he will not concentrate on the story but at least he is sometimes interested in my moving fingers along the sentences and tried to immitate me. He will also be interested in some of the characters in the pictures…sometimes. Then back to his scrathing la, yawning, soft toys, aeroplane, poking my eyes, etc…

After the end of the story I would go “ Ok finnished! Nite-nite puppy, nite-nite book!” It really helps if I tuck in all his toys yang ada dalam cot tu masuk dalam selimut, coz he will land his head on the pillow together with his toys. I guess he doesn’t like sleeping alone. Then I would pat him to sleep, usually would take around 10 minutes or less. I would eliminate patting eventually when he is more adapt to this routine.

But he is still waking up in the middle of the night crying out for me. Last night I tak layan but Rizal got up and assured him back to sleep. He cried but we never pick him up this time so eventually he went back to sleep. I still have to determine the factors. Could he be scared because it’s dark, he is still isn’t used to the cot being place away from us, he is cold. Nothing in the book to tell me what to do…Very the pemalas me.

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