Sunday, 24 February 2008

Brushing his teeth

Getting Emmet to let me clean his teeth is a real challenge. I know you are supposed to start brushing your baby’s teeth when the first tooth appeared. But I only started when Emmet started on his solid food, which was when he was about 6 months of age. Yea by that time biskut-biskut semua melekat di gigi.

At first, I was eager to use a toothbrush. He was ok for a few days before he realized that he prefered biting the other end of the toothbrush. So that was a failed attempt.

So since then, I swithced to just using wet cloth, cotton and cotton buds. It’s just that it was very hard to get Emmet to open his mouth or show his teeth because he kept muncungkan his lips or pushing my finger with his tounge. This method worked, even though every day was a struggle (physically). He screamed, shook his head, tendang-tendang. Macam-macam helah.

And when he started to learn to show his tantrum really well, I knew I had to change my brushing method again. So I guess it is time to show him once and for all, the proper brushing technique. And Emmet always like something new that he can play with anyway.

So that’s why I bought this new brushing kit. It’s got a toothbrush, a gum massager, a mirror and finger brush, which I love.

So far so good. Next step is to start using toothpaste. And I’d probably buy an electric toothbrush if I have some more money. Rizal tried his on Emmet and he loved it!