Monday, 16 November 2015

Twin Pregnancy: Week 32

After monthly check up at the hospital.
Feels really heavy. Can't stand up less than 30 min.
Tummy is tight.
Chest is tight all the time. Feels like all organs upper chest are crushed.
Pelvic area crushed. Can't really hold bladder.
Braxton hicks more painful and chest feels really tight and crushed during it.
Walking time less than 30 min. Reduced speed to a step per 3 sec.
Toilet time hard to reach for cleansing.
Driving, cannot bend or tilt body to the front anymore. Seat must be readjust to the back a bit.
Feels a stripe grows every time lifting J.
Sweat a lot at vagina area. Must clean and change new panty twice a day.
Edema on both feet. Sometimes painful when walking. All the time.
Cracked heels almost gone. Cracked toes almost gone.