Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Why a housewife is a full-time job

7.00 am
Emmet will automatically wake up asking for Mika and roti. I will act like I’m still asleep, ignoring his calls.

7.15 am
Give in to his cries and go prepare his oat porridge. While cooking in the micro, switch on tele. When it’s cooked, let it to cool. I go and prepare my breakfast and by the time I finnished, we eat together.

7.45 am
Let Emmet play while I clean the dishes and the kitchen. Vacuum if required.

8.00 am
Since I take care of Mika as well this is breakfast time for Mika. So will prepare his breakfast now.

8.30 am
Free time to play with them or do the laundry or lipat kain or take the chicken/beef/fish out from the freezer to defrost for cooking lunch.

10.00 am
Bathe Mika and put him to nap. Clean up.

10.45 am
Bathe Emmet. Clean up room.

11.30 am
Free to play with Emmet.

12.00 pm
Prepare lunch. Mika will wake up from his nap around this time.

12.30 pm
Lunch with Emmet and Mika

2.30 pm
Milk time for Mika

4.00 pm
Change Mika and put him to nap

5.15 pm
Snack time for Mika and Emmet.

5.45 pm
Change Emmet.

6.00 pm
Prepare dinner

7.30 pm
Dinner with Emmet and Mika. By then Mika’s parents will get home from work.

8.00 pm
Clean up dishes and kitchen.

9.30 pm
Change Emmet and get ready for bed.

10.30 pm
Free at last. But only to be cleaning up after the mess from the kids.

Tu pun I didn’t mention shower, prayer time, those are equally challenging for me as well.

I find it really hard to do anything else lets say if I want to indulge into some hobby or interest. These things should be done without interuption at least for 2 hours straight otherwise the feeling or the passion will get lost in the chaos.

I have to be ready to referee these two kids when they are playing together. Sure gaduh one then I have to go and rescue. Not to mention the accidents that’ll happen when they run around the house. So the only thing that I can do is watch the cartoons with them and internet surfing.

I always take sometimes a day to read a news article on the Utusan Malaysia Online. I read a few sentences and suddenlly “Huwwaaaa!” goes Mika or “Mammo!” goes Emmet.

I try my best at giving them attention yet most of the time letting them be independent. So I have to always be in the lookout even though I let them play and explore their creativity and imagination alone. One of my eyes must always be watching them for moments that I could butt in and give them a praise for what they did good and warn them for what they did wrong. Respond to them for every conversations they try to make even though I don’t understand them. And think of a game to play when they are bored or on the verge of crying.

Sometimes they are testing me with their annoying cries and tantrums. They can be really loud. Truly challenging but I am trying my best at keeping myself composed and select carefully behavior that needed to be ignored, punnished and hugged.

By the end of the day I’m just drained…


Intan said...

I totally feeeeel for you...Not an easy task this full-time housewife thingy.Kalo kerja at least you get a break from reality & can even go shopping alone during lunch hour ke. ME time!! Hehehe..2 pats on the back for you!!

Emmet said...
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landkeeper said...

hehe...thanx beb. totally need em pats!

Hirda Ibrahim said...

lotttttt... :)
k.ida pernah masuk blog lott b4.
x tinggal comment je.
agree.. housewife is the most challenging job. penat kan?
k.ida yg jd weekend housewife ni pun rasa letih dgn hardy yg tau sepah..sepah..and sepahkan umah...
but.. u doing great dear... :)

landkeeper said...

thanx k.ida! sepah tu tak pe lagi. kalo jerit guling2 badan tu yg pening. time org nk tengok berita lak tuh. hehe...sabar2