Monday, 21 December 2009

Pregnancy No. 2: My 8 Favourite Things

Ikea pillow

That’s the cheapest you can get. Even though it’s a bit warmer, the softness and springiness feels really comfy at times like these. I love the feeling of my head being burried in this pillow despite having to wash it often due to my excessive sweating.

I wear them everyday at home since they are the ones that seem to fit me during these times. Plus it’s the easiest one-piece, making it easy for me to visit the loo, which happens very often in a day.

Bra extension
I didn’t realize about the existance of a bra extension until my 2nd pregnancy. I guess my ribcage expands greater compared to my 1st pregnancy with Emmet. I tried lots of maternity bras but none of them fits me. So I found this bra extension at Fabulousmom and bought it and can’t live without it now. Makes me breathe more easily eversince I wear them.

I guess this is my worst cravings so far. And I think I am addicted to it. There’s this one time when I’m out of Ribena for a few days, I felt so uneasy and kept thinking about it all the time! I made plenty in a jug and keep it in the fridge and keeps refilling the jug when it’s about to empty. But I don’t mix it sweet like the ones selling in shops (they are very sweet indeed). I like it more diluted until I taste more of the sourness. Can’t live without this too…

Buah lai
I MUST eat fruits during this 2nd pregnancy. I wasn’t much of a fruit eater but this time I just can’t resist fruit stalls and fruit carts everywhere. And my favourite is the Japanese sweet pear. Been buying them almost every week at the TTDI pasar malam, 10 for RM10 and they are very big. I also love water chessnut and papaya when I visit the small carts.

Black Motherclub maternity pants
Bought this when I outgrew my ordinary pants and Rizal kept pestering me to buy a new pants, and my other maternity pants just seem so uncomfortable. Found this at a maternity shop in Mid Valley Megamall, can’t remember the name though. Damage is RM89! I just bought it within 5 minutes in the store since I have been in and out of many stores and can’t find one that I like. Loving it eversince because it’s stretchable and out of the T-shirt material, soft, adjustable waistline and most important, it’s V-shaped in front. i just don’t like anything sticking on my tummy this time.

Baggy tee
This is the only top that’s soft and does not stick on my tummy. I guess I’m just not much of a fitted top fan. Makes my tummy itchy and warm. So I hijacked a lot of my sister’s baggy tee from the day we landed in Malaysia. Drives attention away from onlookers as well compared to when I wear my nice maternity top.

Bar stool
Been nagging Rizal from my 4th month because it’s really tiring to stand up for even 5 minutes in the kitchen to cook. So bought a high wooden bar stool at Giant nearby with RM50 or so. Made my kitchen time so much easier, and I just have to reach a bit further to my left to wash stuff in the sink, and I don’t even have to get down the stool for that! All I have to do is get everything from the fridge, lay them on the counter, get my stool and start chopping. Everything else is within reach.


farrahar said...

I should've gotten the bar stool. I just have a stool ketot. Even do laundry pun I sat on that stool.

lott said...

yes i really needed that bar stool since i cook almost everyday. very helpful, but kadang2 takut patah la sebab i have a feeling that i'm just too heavy for anything.