Friday, 17 April 2009

Now I'm flattered

I have been nominated!

And we always don't care for what actually as long as we are nominated for something. Makes us feel more important in this world. But the word 'Supermummy' in any context now is becoming quite significant in my life. Flattering and energizing. Can't imagine what an Oscar would feel like. Hhmm...
Invite or even paksa your readers to click on the banner! Top 10 highest clicks will be selected to enter the final round. I will monitor the clicks daily based on statistics by the ever supposedly dependable Google Analytics.
The clicks statistics will start counting from tomorrow, 17 April 2009 until Thursday, 30 April 2009. And only clicks/hits during this period will be counted.

So do click on the banner to all readers ok. (Not that I have that many... hahaha)

Thank you for supporting blogger moms!


farrahar said...

sudah vote!

ko punya keja la ni.. hehe.. thanks!

landkeeper said...

hehe...biasa la