Sunday, 25 October 2009

Pregnancy No. 2 – Progress Update

I am becoming lazier.

The nausea returned.

I need a nap every time after a meal.

I’m up for dishwashing again. But only 3 hours afterwards.

The baby is super active! It is moving hands and legs all over the place, hitting my bladder most of the time, hitting my ribcage, pushing up my diaphragm until sometimes my chest felt tight. The baby gets hickups more often than Emmet. All these are making me more tired, especially during driving. I need to adjust the seatbelt at every red lights.

Notice the no-gender reference, well it turned out, after 2 ultrasound scans (I only went through 2 antenatal visits so far at the clinic practically next door), my GP has yet to discover the gender of the baby. That made me really suspicious of the credibility of this doctor. I really need to register at a hospital as soon as possible and start planning my delivery.

I have outlined 3 checklists for this upcoming new year delivery. Two lists for my hospital bag, my stuff and baby stuff, and another one for the nursery. Quite a relief looking at the list since I already have most of Emmet’s items. I just need to buy confinement stuff, maternity pads and breast pads, nappies and a couple of PJs.

I need a new mattress. Even though I get the feeling it won’t help much but sleeping is so agonizing nowadays. I can feel the steel wire of the bottom of the foam mattress yang sudah berlekuk itu. It hurts my hips to the bone. I can’t lie flat for more than 60 seconds. I can’t sit back at the sofa, it’s really straining my back bone.

I don’t care if I walk like a penguin because I enjoy walking like one. As much as I enjoy walking up the stairs as slow as an old tortoise. In fact I think I enjoy doing everything in slow motion. Coz I just can’t do any faster. The only chore that I do fastest would be bathing and changing Emmet, because I just can’t stand for long, especially when changing Emmet after he poops. I am much better at holding my breath now.

I noticed I am becoming more rabun. Far objects are more blurry now. I can’t read signs until I’m really near. It’s worse during night time.

I really hope my kids read this when they can understand. Mommy went through a lot carrying you each second of the day. Mommy will go through a lot more once you are born. So I really hope you will become a good person and not wasted my hardship ok.

Love you both dearly!


farrahar said...

Huhuhu sudah kena warning....!

lott said...

now that u put it that way...hhmm...yes warning no. 1 kids!