Friday, 14 December 2007

Backdated entry

Today I took the driving theory test. And failed!
Well…have you ever felt like unlucky things always happen to you? Things that u noticed or assume other people will always be able to go through, but when it comes to you, something must go wrong.

I thought I studied quite well. My friend Zack, who loaned me the study material said “Baca yang part hijau je.” There were 40 questions and to pass I need to score 35. At first I noticed something funny at the top of the test screen. It said Category for Cars and Work Vehicles. Yeah, I always wonder why they put the two in the same category. I always thought there were separate sets of questions for cars and for work vehicles. But it’s just too late to wonder some more. The 45 minute clock is ticking. The first few questions were kacang.

Then there came ‘What is the minimum thread depth required for tractor tyres?’ I got confused. I never come across any questions in the part hijau asking about tractors! Then there were more questions about trailer and tractors…and more trailers! This is bad.

Going out of the exam hall after getting the result, in the heavy rain on a gloomy Dublin dark sky at 4.30pm, with the wind blowing umbrellas off of people’s hands, rasa kelakar pun ada, disappointed pun ada, I knew I prepared well. But yet we always wonder is our well good enough? How hard must work hard be? And that unconscious phrase in our head…’La…takkan exam lesen L pun susah sangat?’

I got back and look at the study material again. Apparently there was another section after the part hijau, that includes the work vehicle category as well and you must study that part because it includes cars too! And that first tractor tyre question was in there! Along with the other 10 tractors and trailers questions that I came across in my test!

Maybe I’m used to being the always unlucky one. Getting the hardest set of test questions containing questions I didn’t study, the one who breaks the mug at a friend of a friend’s house, or spill a drink at a restaurant, getting a ketumbit when there is a party you have to attend. I’m just so used to it I almost expected I’d fail in this test anyway. Well…I’d just like to think it’s not the end of the world that I fail (and everybody else passed). I can always take it again with an extra EUR 30.

What bugs me or us shall I say, was always that….Zack salah 2 soalan…and he didn’t even open the book at all!


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