Friday, 14 December 2007

17 Months Old

Today Emmet is 17 months old. Still having a great time with his baby talk. Sometimes it gets so frustrating especially when he wants his milk, he’d go making that irritating noise of mengada-ngada and merengek-rengek. But other than that, I can now distinguish when he wants his bowl refill of malt crunchies, or when he wants what I gave him just before, when he wants people to know he’s dancing to the music on the TV, or he gets his hands on something forbidden like the laptop or the utility cabinet. When he wants to be picked up, he’d put his hands up to me and goes Aaaahh!...Aaahh!

He hates;
- me cleaning his teeth every day after bath
- putting on pants coz he wont be able to scratch his legs anymore
- fruits
- when bath time is over
- taking medicine

He loves;
- dancing
- musical instruments
- music generally
- his toys
- handphones
- Laptop and other electrical and electronic gadgets
- breastmilk
- following me to the toilet
- bruce, the friendly shark in finding nemo
- bugging you and in the jungle songs in youtube
- malt crunchies and other food yg rangup-rangup
- hugging kids, or hugs himself showing affection when he sees pictures of babies in the TV or in the laptop
- kisses both my cheecks before having his milk
- bury his face in my breast (another affection) when he’s breastfeeding
- taking his bath
- playing with switches
- shaking everything that makes sounds like vitamin bottles
- play hide and seek
- playing mummy, mummy, mummy…emmet, emmet, emmet!

I guess the list goes on for this one…

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