Thursday, 5 June 2008

A Tribute to Pak Lang

I got up early in the morning reading a text from my sister saying Pak Lang passed away a few hours ago. He’s been having lukemia for I think over a year now. I guess everybody was prepared for this.

I don’t actually know what to do with funerals actually. So I just read yasin and al fatihah je in private. Even if I call, I don’t know what to say to the family. Never good at this kinda things.

Pak Lang was my mom’s brother. He was the less pandai of all the siblings when they were kids, my mom used to story us la. But he sure is the kindest and humblest and most patient and yg paling rajin of all. He never even once took an MC, went to work even when he was sick. I remember he was awarded best employee by JKR.

He used to work as I don’t know what in JKR for all his life before pencen. Field work with little pay and definitely not a top job. He even had to borrow money from my mom to buy a car that he used until he died. He really took good care of expensive things like that. All his working life, he lived in that small run down 2-bedroom linked rumah papan JKR quarters in Sungai Siput. He’s got a wife and 3 daughters like my mom. Eldest sebaya with my sister and the second sebaya with me.

Berkat keimanan, kesabaran and kerajinan dia, I really thing he lived his life very well indeed. I really admire him and his family the most. I think he died a very happy and fulfilled man knowing he has achieved what he always wanted for the family.

He raised his daughters with so much love and respect that I always see my cousins even though dah kawin pun still like to peluk cium and cuddle2 with their parents. They are like buddies with Pak Lang and Mak Lang but in the same time have the greatest respect to them. Nak keluar rumah je sure salam cium tangan, pipi, dahi mak bapak.

The eldest daugter I call Kak Pizah, entered MRSM Beseri and now a cikgu in Kulim. Being a traditional father, parents sure bangga ada anak dia yang jadi cikgu rite. She got married to a mak aiihh very very nice fella yang muka penuh dengan cahaya keimanan and sejuk mata memandang and at the same time full of wits boleh tahan jugak mamat tu. She had some trouble getting pregnant, had 2 misscarriages and his first son died after a few days dilahirkan, all due to her diabetes. She adopted her husband’s sister’s daughter before finally getting pregnant again giving birth to a baby. But the baby is still not very well but very smart. Bless her…what a big heart to have adopted other person’s child.

His second daughter is the same age as me, we call her Ikin. She is definitely the smartest of all us cousins. She got straight As for everything. Entered MRSM Jasin, graduated among top students, got a good job as engineer at Sony Penang with very good pay and got to travel to Japan every month and now pursuing her PhD after completing her Masters in UTM.

His anak bongsu is called Adik Ina. The most intelligent jugak among us cousins. Entered MRSM mana I forgot, MRSM nevertheless. Now a doctor in Penang. She is so petite but pretty and cute with flawless whitest skin. Always smiling and shining penuh cahaya keimanan. Got married and a kid near Emmet’s age I think.

So there you have it, a cikgu, an engineer and a doctor, all anak2 yang solehah gitu. Parents mana yg tak rasa fulfilled camtu… They all gave money to their parents every month. Every raya everyone including all neneks and neneks sedare, atuk sedare, makciks and pakciks surely got duit raya from them threesome. Ratus2 tau diorang kasi. I also no duit to give to makciks n pakciks one tauu….

He died a happy man…with a beautiful and loving wife, one of my favourite aunty, so kampung yet outgoing. With 3 successful solehah daughters. And he got to at least see his daughters have his cucu-cucu. A house that he finally owned with his own money, a car that his daughters tried to pay back my mom but my mom wont accept. His daughters bought him a new wira the minute they start working already.

So to Pak Lang, I pray that Allah put you straight to heaven. Well done Pak Lang ku….

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