Thursday, 5 June 2008

3rd Anniversary

Yesterday was our 3rd wedding anniversary. I’ve always liked the number 3. We never celebrated our 1st and 2nd anniversary. We thought it would be better to celebrate after 5 or 10 years. But this time, although we didn’t plan for any celebration as it is not a practice of us to celebrate other than Hari Raya and birthdays, I just thought maybe a simple celebration would be nice.

It wasn’t anything special, just different. And it was last minute too. At first I thought of making a reservation at a restaurant. But the only halal restaurant that’s suitable for a fine dining celebration-type atmosphere does not accept children after 6pm, and I wanted to celebrate with Emmet too. Plus no time to prepare and rush to the restaurant, that’s on the other side of the river, with me still minding Mika and his daddy said he’s going to be late.

I also thought of ordering flowers to be delivered Rizal’s office, but then again….naaaahhh!!!! I might as well spend the money buying a pack of condoms…..hahahhaha!!!

So last-last, I made Sup Daging, Rizal’s favourite dish. Kat M’sia dulu time couple, every time will go to gerai tom yam and every time also order sup daging. Tak sup daging, tom yam. Sungguh keKelantanan laaa…. I also made my signature sambal belacan yg glemer n fofulaarrr itteewwww.

Then there was a half eaten M&S choc fudge cake on the table. I made a little banner and stick on it. Made some carrot tempura, loved to make it ever since I ordered the vege tempura in Yamamori.

Table decoration! Grabbed a nice new tie rack scarf and transformed it into a table runner. Hahahahh!!!!! I do take attention to details. Thought about going to kutip some yellow grass flowers to put on the table. Tapi slalu dah petang flowers tu dah layu. Aaahh…forget it!

Rizal wasn’t home yet! Me pun put on some nice clothes, siap do my hair n make up sikit2. Sooo over yuuuuuuu.

Rizal got home at 9.15pm drenched in rain. He didn’t even remember the anniversary. He said he was so busy at work and had to finish late. Aaahhh…that’s ok. No big deal for me. It’s just a wedding date. Not like jatuh talak if lupe anniversary or something like that. And I understand his difficulty at work so I decided not to push it.

Anyway, he was surprised, looking that there was a cake on the table and made a silly remark like ‘eh, birthday siapa ni?’ Freaaakk!!! But he planted a kiss and hugged me n Emmet.

Then we ate sambil tengok The Apprentice UK.

That’s all for our anniversary. After makan, I breastfed Emmet and changed his nappy and PJ and put him to sleep. Me pun tertido skali….

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