Wednesday, 7 March 2007

For sale!

Last year during puasa, I gave it a shot and promoted my delicious cornflakes cookies to all my friends here in Dublin. Business went very well.

Today, as usual, while Emmet is taking his day nap, I fix myself Nasi Goreng. I made a lot, like for 3 people. Ina, who comes by for zohor prayer, usually has lunch together with me. She works just in front of my apartment. So I figured with the extra plate of Fried rice, I tried selling it to Bert, my ex-neighbor, who just started working nearby.

Instantly he replied asking for another 2 orders. Talking about demand… but unfortunately I can only take one order.

Hmm…maybe I can fakir panjang lagi about this. Coz Ina just told me that around 10 Malaysians work nearby my area.


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