Friday, 25 November 2011

Update for November

I will pledge to skip the usual excuse for not updating this blog for the xth time and straight away blog before this ipad is hijacked again by the prince and princess of the kingdom.

As you can see in the picture above, my kids are practically teenagers before I could even blink. I have not even succeded in getting rid of this baby fat and my bones are starting to crackle here and there. I blame facebook for all of this mess.

What have I achieved this year? Apart from having a baby girl and enjoyong fresh baby breath everytime she screams, I have succeded in exclusively breastfeeding Sofia and will keep it up until she is 2.5 years old, just like Emmet. I have also successfully cloth diapered Sofia and just starting to toilet train her. Very slow at that and taking my time. She still wears disposable at night and during long outings and travelling, but hey I saved a lot in diaper costs and trash. Though I didn't enjoy running water through her poo on her nappy with my head hovering the toilet bowl. Sorry, that was rather graphic, eh?

Emmet learned how to write his own name, Sofia, Mommy, Daddy. He is quite talented in drawing, he loves to draw. My sister brought home mountains of recycled paper from her office for him. Apart from drawing he likes making paper planes and such. He is very helpful around chores, with a few encouragement of course. He is very interested in the kitchen. He begs me to help making breads and kuihs and will always be beside my mixer when I am making cakes to meet orders.

As for myself, well I admitted I neglected myself for the past few years to make way for my husband and kids. But I will try to improve next since I get the feeling it would be some time before I get pregnant again, if ever. Losing some weight is the top of my list of course. I have also finally got to decluttering my flat and rearranging furnitures. And some decoration. Now I feel more calm and organized and will continue beautifying this flat until I'm satisfied. Kitchen is next!

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