Monday, 1 March 2010

The joy of baking

And I thought I wouldn't have time for myself... this is what happened while Sofia was taking her morning nap...

I have always loved baking. Even when I was in Dublin, I would make my own bread because the chef made it look like it's so easy. Indeed it is... Plus Emmet loves it.

And in conjunction with my ambitious plan to lose weight and to save money, I made a tuna salad sandwich with my own bread.

And I thought I wouldn't have the time for all this with the two kids...

500g flour
4 tsp instant yeast
1 tsp salt
1/2 tsp sugar
50ml olive oil
300ml warm water
some dried rosemary/thyme/oregano whatever you fancy

-mix all and work the dough for a few minutes
-rest 20 minutes
-work the dough for a few minutes again with some flour
-oil and flour the loaf tin
-rest the dough in the loaf tin for another 20 minutes. score some lines if you like.
-bake in preheated oven of 250 celcius for 10-15 minutes


farrahar said...

Wow.. She must be a real napper.. Emir only starts napping longer now. And now that my e-store is open and updated, and my office work (staff appraisal at least 20 of them) is done, I have more time now, I mean more time to rest... Phew...

lott said...

being in the kitchen is therapy for me. sofia naps about 2-3 hours. thats enough for me to get the bread baked, do the nappy laundry, get emmet to shower, and get myself a shower.

farrahar said...



Emir naps like 10-30 minutes! Baru sekarang he naps max 1 hour, tu pun once twice a day!!

lott said...

yela that one morning nap only la. lepas tu mcm emir jugak, tido sekejap2 je.

farrahar said...

oh, emir naps longer in the afternoon, when most of my housework are done. he keeps waking up in the morning, the time when i'm the busiest.

Sasha said...


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