Monday, 7 July 2008

At 2 years old…

Can only say Ka! Refering to Mika, mamamama and mimimi refering to mommy, bibibibi refering to babies, go! When finished changing nappy or when going out.

Likes to climb on the bed, on the lap, sofa, tables, chairs, any elevated surface.

Loves cars, or anything with wheels.

Gets angry when Mika is playing with something, he immediately wants it back. But when Mika cries, he’ll give the toy back to Mika.

Still breastfeeding

Eczema getting better

Makin mengamuk to even the slightest thing like when asked not to garu, or his toy got stuck in the basket,

Knows how to tidy up his toys after bath.

Can hold and drink from adults’ glass or mugswithout spilling.

Eats nasi campur like a grown up. But lauk can be no further than baked chicken/beef with garlic, onion, carrots, rosemary and olive oil.

Doesn’t like fruits but eats fruitupura fruit puree especially apple & apricot

Can drink fruit juices sometimes

Knows how to undo the latch of his sippy cup and back when he’s finished drinking

Knows to put some stuff back where he took it from.

Cries when I get hurt from his doings

Knows how to amin a doa, as in sapu muka with two hands.

His ritual before breastfeeding is kiss mommy on both cheeks, forehead and lips, salam mommy, then baca doa.

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