Saturday, 13 January 2007


I am never a faithful diary writer. But who am I kidding. With a baby that I am taking care of full time, I barely have time to brush my teeth. Sometimes I get too tired I took it out on Rizal. Poor him, but I needed to badly.

Motherhood is so overwhelming to me. And I get the feeling it will only get tougher soon. I saw a replay of Oprah yesterday. She was telling people how hard it was to raise her puppy that one day after waking up in the morning, getting rid of the poop, cleaning her puppy that by 3pm, she realized she haven’t even brushed her teeth yet! So now she really understands what it’s like to raise a real child.

But I wouldn’t trade this job for any other job, that’s genuinely how I feel about it. It would be hard to let go of this job if one day I have to go to an office to work.

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